Moon Corp. Tower Defense

There’s an alien invasion, and you’ve scored the defense contract to defend Selene City, arguably the greatest of the moon cities.

Moon Corp. Tower Defense is a tower defense company management game.

The player must defend the Moon from waves of aliens while trying to keep their corporation viable.​​

Manage your corporation. Research, Build, and Upgrade turrets to defend the moon and your vested interests from the dreaded alien invasion, while staying within budget!

Tower Defense

Tower Defense Just Got Incorporated.

Defend the moon from alien invasion!

Fulfil defense contracts for respectable clients, such as The Selene City Council, Stell-Air Spaceways, The Lunar Road Safety Commission and LARPA (The Lunar Advanced Research Projects Agency).

Build and Upgrade Turrets to decimate your enemy and rack in the Lunes (official Lunar currency).

Gain access to powerful experimental weapons through your research, and call down destruction on the alien threat.

Business Management

Blow Up the Aliens, NOT the Budget !

Manage a growing security corporation, where your handling of your corporate budget could mean the life or death of the peoples of the moon.

Hire prospective employees who can get you that bang for your buck. Fire those who stand in the way of progress…or don’t.

It’s up to you.

Expand your horizons to unlock new weapons and benefits through your corporate contacts, and use your newly acquired power to decimate the invading force, all for profit!


Moon Corp. Tower Defense is being developed by Kite Shield Interactive using Unreal Engine 4.

The project is in pre-alpha, and our developers are currently working toward getting the business management part of the game working, to make Moon Corp: Tower Defense an enjoyable experience for tower defense fans old and new.


Moon Corp. Tower Defense is being developed for PC.

Kite Shield Interactive is set to release the game on steam, and is also exploring options to bring it to consoles.
Stay tuned.